It’s all about the right mix of technology and business expertise to get to grips with digitalization properly.

Many years of international and cross-sector project experience

Old hands meet digital natives in pursuit of a common goal: to create perfect digital customer interactions.

Joubin Rahimi founded the company in 2011, and he has since been living and breathing synaigy’s mission: to create the optimum digital customer interaction. He was captivated by new possibilities for business processes and models, communication and technology, and remains so today. With his affinity for combining technology and business, he began his career in the technical implementation of internet platforms in the early days of the worldwide web.

Geschäftsführer der synaigy ist Joubin Rahimi

Joubin Rahimi

Managing Partner

Lots of things that we take for granted now had not been invented back then and had to be specially developed.

At the same time there was lots of experimenting because nobody really knew what worked. That required lots of creativity and pioneer spirit. The pool of experience grew incredibly quickly and kept getting bigger. Experience on the manufacturer, product supplier, retailer and service provider side helped create a broad spectrum of knowledge that forms the foundation of synaigy today.

The synaigy team is as diverse as digitalization itself.

Our older members of staff have been on the digitalization journey for some time and contribute a wealth of experience from various sectors and specialist areas, while our digital natives enrich the team with their creativity, innovative approaches and an affinity with technology that opens up completely new perspectives.

The synaigy team is as diverse as digitalization itself.

What connects us all is a desire to learn something new every day, a joy in technology and a continuous drive to improve. Digitalization in all its guises motivates us anew every day to keep testing and trying out subjects, technologies and methods. We are always at the cutting edge, and when it comes to knowledge and experience, we can offer our customers the head start they need to face the challenges of digital customer interaction.

synaigy is the tour guide and trailblazer on your digitalization journey – a partner you can count on

  • Founded in 2011 (BTR)

  • 50+ staff

  • Diversified positioning in leading technologies

  • Extensive partner network

  • Experience in international projects 

  • From strategy to implementation and beyond 

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The TIMETOACT GROUP consists of eight companies with over 600 employees across 13 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The companies in the Group provide services in the areas of Digital Workplace, Business Process Integration and Automation, Mathematical Optimization, Data Warehouse and Governance, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, Identity and Access Governance, Commerce and Customer Experience. synaigy’s role in the Group is as a specialist in the digitalization of marketing, sales and customer service for omnichannel retailers, industrial companies, brands and manufacturers.



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